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Hundreds of Arsenal fans to have club memberships reinstated after ticket investigation

Hundreds of Arsenal fans who had been told that they were having their club memberships terminated due to a targeted ticket operation will now have their accounts reinstated.

There has been widespread fury on social media during the last 24 hours following emails that were sent out by Arsenal on Monday telling a large number of supporters that their memberships was being ‘terminated with immediate effect’ and that the tickets they had purchased for upcoming matches had been cancelled.

The emails from the club stated that the action was being taken because a ‘recent audit process’ had uncovered suspicious activity which suggested the tickets had been bought with the use of unauthorised software, commonly referred to as ‘bots’.

But fans who have been contacted have been left distraught and say that they have only ever bought tickets via the club’s official exchange site and insist they have never paid over face value.

Arsenal regularly run ticket operations in a bid to tackle touting and weed out bot accounts that purchase tickets in bulk and then sell them at an inflated price.

This latest operation identified 16 accounts that the club believe have been buying batches of tickets and selling them off for profit through social media groups. Those 16 accounts have had their memberships banned for using automated bot technology and will not get them back.

But a further 332 accounts who have gone on and bought those tickets will now have their memberships reinstated, with emails due to be sent out imminently informing them of the update.

The match tickets they had purchased will not be valid, however, as they have been deemed to have been bought through unauthorised means. They will now be put back on the club’s ticket exchange for other supporters to buy.

“This was one of our targeted operations aimed at stamping out ticket touting,” a club statement said. 

“Together with our supporters we care deeply about this issue and we continue to take strong action against members who break our terms and conditions to buy tickets. 

“We remind all supporters to only buy tickets through our official ticketing platform and the Ticket Exchange, and not by unauthorised means.”